Saturday, 6 November 2010

Just Another Saturday

We arose to a cold but lovely morning, the birds were quite active on the feeders, sparrows and blue tits being the main visitors. Blackbirds were much in evidence. Mrs Gill said we also had a visit from a thrush.
later in the morning Mrs Gill decide to go to the Farmers Market.
The steps to the front of the house had become covered with leaves which were starting to become wet and slippy so I decided to give them a good sweep before someone came a cropper. I just got finished when Mrs Gill returned from the market with a nice pie for Sunday dinner and some cup cakes, which were devoured promptly.
After lunch Mrs Gill went to the greenhouse to prepare the Begonia corms ready to be stored in the attic for the winter.
After watching the usual Saturday night fare on TV we watched a programme I recorded earlier called Bird Britannica. It was a programme about the relationship between the British public and birds, beginning with an insight into how the robin became the nation's favourite bird, the relation between blue tits and milk bottles during the 20th century, and the decadence of the sparrow, although as mentioned in a previous post they seem to be thriving well in this area for some reason.
As I'm composing this post I'm listening to a concert on BBC 4 by Robert Plant and the Band of Joy this brings back memories of when Robert Plants band of Joy played in the borders in the late sixties.

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