Friday, 26 November 2010

An Extremely Busy Day

It was damned  cold when I went I went down to the Buccleuch Centre for my lift to work this morning. According to Brian's car it was 6 degrees below when he picked me up, so I was very pleased that I didn't have to wait too long. Time for the Long Johns to come out I think.

I put my camera in my pocket with the intention of taking photos of the Christmas lights in Carlisle which are extremely attractive and seasonable. Unfortunately when the time came the batteries were flat. So my apologies there is no photos again. 

I had an extremely busy day at work, helping some of the students get their portfolios in some kind of order. The groups of students I'm working with can be quite challenging at times but there is also a sense of neediness amongst them, and they treat me with a lot of respect which is always returned. The Motor Vehicle department is off to the Motor Bike show at the EEC at Birmingham next Wednesday so hopefully I'll be accompanying them.

After I got home and had some tea I went down to The British legion for a lovely pint of Guinness. I must congratulate Ian on his bar keeping as he is probably the best in the town.

I'm getting more and more envious of Mr Tootlepedals bird photos, they continue to get better and better, so I will really have to get my finger out and keep the batteries charged up, as he is always extremely courteous of mine and listens to what humble advise I can give him.

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  1. I am really disappointed with your battery. I was looking forward to seeing the Christmas Lights.