Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Friday at the club

When I was in the Legion for my usual pint of Guinness on Friday night Avril Grieve gave me a couple of postcards to put in the Archive database. The postcards were interesting enough, but what caught my attention was what was written on the back of one. It was addressed to a Mr John Morrison in Haddington dated March 29th 1905 and I found it interesting enough to share.

We had a grand fire at the Skin Yard on Friday night. 
the wooden shed where the wool is stored in went
on fire and with it being only 12 inches between the houses
at the foot of Caroline St and the shed, there was some fun in 
getting it out. Damage is about £2000. 
Fire engine arrived when fire was nearly out. 
Some grand laughs at it.

This could be interesting enough to search the E & L and find out more. We have had quite a few postcards in the past but unfortunately I've never been one to read what was written on them but with reflection I may have missed some interesting information the could have been posted on the Web.

I phoned Mr Tootlepedal earlier to see if he fancied a change from our usual Thursday at the Archive Centre and attend the Wildlife club as there is an evening of bird photography by Brian Irving, which I thought he may find interesting after seeing his excellent bird photos. I phoned Jean but she said she still wasn't feeling to great and would let me know on Thursday.

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