Friday, 31 December 2010

A Look Back


Into Gear
One good thing about blogging is that you can look back and see what you have been doing with your life without having to put your memory into gear which is what I'm going to have to do to reflect over the past twelve months as I didn't start blogging until October.

A Bad Start
The start of the year wasn't too good for me as I ended up in hospital between Christmas and New Year with blood clots on my lungs, which has led me to taking warfarin on a long term basis. This kept me off work until the mid term break in February. I used the time to catch up with some reading and Archiving. If my memory serves me well the weather was atrocious at the start of the year with lots of snow, and it seem to be going out with the same icy grip it started with.

The Stress of Moving
My son Neil and his family moved from Port Seton to Haddington in March. This was quite stressful for them as they moved on a Friday and were due to go on holiday to Haggerston Castle on the Saturday. This apparently wasn't a bad move (forgive the pun) as it gave them a chance to relax and face the task of unpacking when they got back. They all seem to have settled in well. Joe and Sandy liking their new school and nursery.
A Milestone Year
This was a milestone year me as I reached Bus Pass age in June. Anne organised a surprise barbecue for me with Neil, Kate and the boys to be in attendance, but she gave the game away slightly when she started stocking the fridge with some of Joe and Sandy's favourite goodies. I had a marvellous day. Tickets to see Jools Holland at Carlisle racecourse and a whole load of tools from the Gill family.

Best Ever
Common Riding was much the same as usual " the best ever!" again, but as usual it is not to be missed. I must admit though I had a super night on the Summer Fair with one of my oldest friends, Cliff Bell and his brother Kenny. Unfortunately Kenny had to leave us early as he couldn't stand the pace.

A New Kitchen
There were no holidays this year as we decided to put a new kitchen in. This was planned for a couple of years ago but was postponed because of personal circumstances but it was well worth the wait. Ross Calvert was charged with the task of installing the kitchen ably assisted by Craig and Gary. All we had to do was choose what style we wanted, Ross then drew out a design to replace the existing kitchen. Everything was then left in his hands, from organising delivery of the units to arranging for plumbers and electricians to appear at the appropriate times. I must pay tribute to the quality and service that Ross, Craig and Gary gave us, I would recommend them any time.

A Summer Party
David Stevenson hosted a summer party in June at the Buccleuch Centre. This was an evening with Aled Jones and Friends. Friends being Haley Westerna and Sharon Core. David had successfully bid for this on the previous Children in Need Show on the BBC. I was invited along to take a few photos.  And had the pleasure of listening to some wonderful entertainment.

This basically brings things up to date as I have just realised I only have to cover 9 months as the other three are on my blog.

So here's to all my family and friends and fellow bloggers A HAPPY NEW YEAR too you  all.

Browhouses. February
Carlisle Actives visit to Watchtree Nature Reserve. March
Craig Windmills April
Carlisle College Hair and Beauty awards at Carlisle Cathedral. May

June Poppy
Jools Holland Carlisle racecourse in July
Anne and Irene at Samye Ling. August

Fred Bell. October

 For Bar a true friend


  1. Happy New Year to Sandy & Anne from Gavin & Gaye

  2. And a Happy New Year to you both too form us both

  3. A Happy New Year over there in the Muckle Toon Sandy.

  4. This is an excellent record of the year. Lovely photos too. Happy new year to you and Anne.