Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas has come and gone

A distant memory
Well! Christmas has come and gone, and seems a distant memory now, although it's just a few day ago. We spent Christmas with our family at Haddington. This was really nice, especially seeing Joe and Sandy with their new toys. (of which I must say there weren't as many as there has been in the past) They got scooters as their main presents, but unfortunately the weather has put paid to them trying them out.
Anne spent all Boxing Day in bed nursing a really miserable cold and missed Kate's family when they called for the afternoon. Anne felt a little better on Monday morning and we took the opportunity to travel back home. The journey home was trouble free which is more than can be said for the journey up, with black ice being a real hazard.

 Mr Tootlepedals new camera
I've spent a bit of time putting more photos on the Archive website Langholm Archives but will have to make an effort soon and get out with my camera. I did visit Mr Tootlepedal on Tuesday afternoon to cast my so called expert eye over his new camera and I must say it is a very impressive piece of equipment. Judging by some of the photos he has been posting lately he is getting the hang of it pretty fast. Tootlepedals Blog

Goldfinches at Last
At the advice of Mr Tootlepedal I bought some Niger seeds in the hope it would attract some Goldfinches to the bird table. After a couple of weeks with no sighting of any Goldfinches I was starting to think they were all down at Wauchope Cottage and quite happy to stay there, " be patient" said Mr Tootlepedal " they'll come given time" and I must say he was right, they appeared on Monday and are regular visitors now.

Laurie Campbell
I received an email from Natural History photographer Laurie Campbell saying he was hoping to come across to the area sometime next year and do a one day photography course for youngsters and a possible show in the evening but that's at the planning stage at the moment. He was kind enough to send me some shots he had taken lately.
Waxwings © Laurie Campbell

Ice © Laurie Campbell

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  1. I hope Anne gets better soon. A cold is a miserable thing.