Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas Shopping

 Trees of Frosted Crystal
A visit to Carlisle was in order today as I had an on-line order to pick up for Anne at Marks & Spencer's and some other shopping chores to do, and as I am now the proud owner of a bus pass I saw no point in taking the car and hopped onto the 10:45 bus to Carlisle. The journey down was quite spectacular. With all the trees being frosted there was an eerie surrealism to the countryside. Against the blue sky some of the trees looked so fragile that if you tapped them they would shatter like they were made of frosted crystal. Unfortunately I did'nt have my camera with me but according to my friend Mr Tootlepedal he had acted on my advice from just recently and had ventured down the A7 and took some photos himself which you can view on the following link.

The shopping went trouble free, stocking up on bird food was a priority as was some new thermal underwear which was not surprisingly in short supply, but after some searching I managed to obtain a nice set at a nice price at Trespass. So heavily laden with gifts and necessities I caught the 2:10 bus back home.I had to be back as I had a haircut appointment with Nina Henderson. So at the moment I'm a bit lighter up top but not enough to make my head too cold.

An Old School Chum
In the evening I had arrange to meet Niall Weatherstone to scan some slides for him at the Archive Centre he is also my fellow archiver Jean's son and an old school chum. Niall has travelled the world extensively over the best part of forty years in his role as a geologist specialising in gold mining so it was quite interesting talking to him although most of the conversation was about our Grandchildren.

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