Sunday, 19 December 2010

A Fresh Covering of Snow

A Pleasant Chore
Saturday welcomed us with a fresh covering of snow which had that lovely crisp freshness about it. After some breakfast I put on some warm clothes and went to fill the bird feeders which is quite a pleasant chore. The feeders are always busy mainly with Tits, Chaffinches and Sparrows. We have nothing like the variety Mr Tootlepedal gets although Mrs Gill reported we had a visit from a flock of Long Tailed Tits recently, which chuffed her no end as they are most definitely her favourites. It is always a great pleasure to look out the kitchen window and watch them feed and know what you are putting out for them is appreciated. After that was done I cleared the path round the house and the steps at the front.

A Walk Round the Lodge
After a really nice plate of bacon and eggs for lunch I decided it was time to make an effort and go out and take some photographs. I headed off towards the Duchess bridge on the path from the Scholars field. This wasn't a good decision as I was as much on my backside as I was on my feet. When I got to the bridge someone had kindly brushed a path over it and it was most appreciated, so  who ever you are well done. As I headed up the incline to the left as you come off the bridge I could hear the sound of a chain saw. This was a couple busy cutting firewood at the out house at Langholm Lodge. The walk down towards the South Lodge was quite beautiful, which can be seen in the photos. 
Holmwood Drive

Looking from the Scholars Field

The site of my fall

Duchess Bridge

Looking up river

A swept Bridge

Looking towards Holmhead

The road to Holmhead

Lodge Walks

Lodge Walks

Lodge Walks
Armstrong Museum


  1. Enjoyable walk/slide round by the Duchess bridge and the lodge all done from the comfort and safety of my chair (although there is some debate how safe a chair on castors is at sea).

  2. Thanks Sandy. Hope I can take you around Langholm a few times in the next couple of weeks.

  3. What a treat to see these. Sorry about your bum.