Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Week So Far


Pork Scratchings
Sunday was a bit special this week as it was Tootlepedal's 70th  Drop in Birthday Party. The idea was that invited  friends could drop in any time between 4pm and 10pm to join Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal and family celebrate another milestone in Mr T's life. Mr T being involved in a great variety of interests attracted quite a diverse range of friends which made for some interesting conversation. Mrs Tootlepedal and daughter Annie provided the company with some mouthwatering nibbles ( pork scratchings were a big hit I noticed) and a birthday cake that summed up Mr Tootlepedal to a tee.


Nowt happened worth mentioning.


National Motor Bike Show
Today I was away on a College trip to the NEC Birmingham for the National Motor Bike Show. It was a long journey but well worth the duration if you are into motor bikes, even if you're not you can't help but admire the bikes themselves and understand the passion they create. On the trip last year I asked one of my colleagues  if I was to old to learn to ride a motorbike. He replied " Sandy you're not old to learn but you're to old to fall off!" so that squashed any notion of me becoming a biker. We arrived at exactly at 11:22, I say exactly because I could see the drivers Sat Nav giving the time of arrival which adjusted itself during the journey and sure enough it was spot on.

A Bit of a Panic
After a bit of a panic trying to find our reserved tickets which nobody at the ticket office seemed to know anything about the students were given free reign and were trusted to be back at the  entrance at 3pm . My colleagues Tony, Graham and Dave and myself spent a leisurely day wandering around admiring the wonderful displays and models which you can see in the following photos.
Waiting anxiously
"right! how does the bloody thing start?"

A three wheeled Morgan

Not the most comfortable looking bike

The wheels are ingenuous



One of the rather attractive models

A Small Selection
I've put up a small selection of what was on display but one must admire the quality that was displayed in the arena.

We all met up as arranged with no one missing except three members of staff ( Yes! I was one) and three students managed to get on the wrong shuttle bus and had an extended tour of the site, It's bloody massive. .

Fraught & Tedious
Young teenagers being cooped up in a confined space made the journey home rather fraught and tedious. We arrived back in Carlisle at approximately 7:30pm, I say approximately because the driver had removed the Sat Nav earlier.


  1. Groovy machinery, great blog.

  2. Sounds like a great day. I remember when I imported loads of Harley Davidsons for a Longtown Company and our warehouse at Longtown looked like an American Bike shop.

  3. Thanks for the comments Gavin.

    If Longtown was in America it would be buzzing with Harley's, so where better to ship them from.

  4. I ran out of petrol on my BSA bantam in Birmingham in 1963 Sandy.I was riding from my then girlfriends house in Sutton Coldfield heading for Norton Barracks Worcester.After locking it up I managed to thumb a lift back to barracks.The bike had gone when I got back to Brum.You didn't see it at the show by any chance did you ? Got myself a nice second hand Triumph Tiger after that.Haven't been on a bike for 40 years now.

  5. There were some nice classics on show.