Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A Cracking Good Story

Friday 7th September
It's now two days since Anne passed away. I don't think the dawn of realisation has sunk in yet. The support from family and friends is giving me strength. I know I can survive this as I had survived our daughters death 17 years ago this coming Christmas the only difference, I haven't got Anne to hold me in in the darkest days as I held her in hers.
Anne touched many lives in a quiet and unassuming way. In her capacity as Librarian she knew each and everyone of her customers to the point she could remember all their Library numbers. This could cause quite a bit of confusion on the rare times cover had to be arranged as most of Anne's readers never brought their cards.
She knew what her readers read and what might interest them. Some readers went for years without choosing a book as She would have a selection waiting for them. She herself was an avid reader and always said she was getting paid for a hobby.

Tuesday 11th September
Today my family and I and along with a great many friends said goodbye to Anne. The service in the church wasn't a sombre affair by any means, obviously there were tears but also there was laughter when our friend Carole paid tribute to her life relating some of the stories that made her unique. She had a very logical mind making her always take the most direct route to any problem. She was always a good ally to have in troubled times, but most of all she was the best friend and soul mate I could ever have had.

Laying Anne to rest today was like closing the last page of the best book I have ever read and tomorrow I will be starting a new one. Like many books it may be a little hard to get into but once it gets going things will be as fine as they can be.

Annie life with you was a cracking good story, I loved every minute of it.

Neil and Anne


  1. My condolences to you Sandy, as a widower myself I can empathize with how you must feel.
    When Peggy died we too had a celebration of her life rather than a sombre affair.
    Family and friends kept me going, I'm sure they'll help you too.
    Anne would love that you posted this tribute.

  2. A fine tribute. You know you have many friends who are there for you.

  3. Friends are invaluable at times like these.