Thursday, 20 September 2012

The Urge to Return

After spending some time with Neil and his family I felt the urge to return home. I knew there was little to return to, just an empty house but for some reason I had to be there.

I must admit the time spent in Haddington was special as I got to take Sandy to school with his Mum and meet him again when school finished. Joe is now old enough to go on his own and I got to hear Neil play with The Chilli Dogs at The Royal Oak in Edinburgh. They are a fine bunch of musicians who meet every Thursday night just to relax and play the music they like.

14th September
As all schools finish at lunchtime in East Lothian so Neil was able to take  me and the boys on a nice three mile circular walk ending up by the River Tyne where Sandy manage to fall in up to his knees. After a few tears he was soon up and running again.

Haddington Walk

Stick em up!

A contender for Grand Designs?

Soldiering on

"Hi Granpa"

This actually serves as a gate post

My Boys

Could this be the root or the problem?

This is for Tootlepedal

I think they've just disturbed the local Troll

Apparently this is where Robbie Burns mother drew water when she lived near Haddington

Bridge That Gap

Autumn beckons

The River Tyne (East Lothian)

15th September
On Saturday morning I took a walk into town and paid a visit to the new John Grey Centre that has just opened in Haddington. This has been a massive project with huge funding. The lady on the desk was very helpful and informative.


According the plaque in the archway this is one of two surviving tower stairways in Haddington.

This wild flower display was at the entrance to a car park. 

John Grey Centre

15th September
Saturday afternoon I was bundled off to Ikea. This is not my idea of pleasure but observing those around me including Neil & Kate I definitely was in the minority, even Joe & Sandy seen it as some sort of adventure, but kids are good at that. Never the less I was charmed into the spending power that Ikea seems to have and purchased some odds and ends that were needed for the house.

16th September
Joe and Sandy had me up early on Sunday morning as they had promised to take me to the Kids Cinema Club at Ocean Terminal in Leith. We went to see Dr Seuss's The Lorax. It was a film with a environmental message about the absence of trees. Unfortunately the seats in the cinema were so comfortable, Granpa fell asleep and missed the middle part of the film.

Ocean Terminal

Scary monsters

What I could see of Royal Britannia

20th September
I've been back home three days now and dread every minute I step in the house. The loneliness is almost unbearable, I miss her so much, but I'm trying to keep focused and sensible. (there's a first!) As long as I keep busy I'm OK. I do understand that I'm not alone in my predicament but it would be nice to share with anyone going through or has gone through similar.
Anyway my task for today was to take Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal to Carlisle Train Station, where they were embarking on a holiday to France. Bicycles will be involved I would imagine. After I dropped them off I went to the Fuji shop to enquire about getting presented with the camera I won. Rob phoned up the Rep and  it was arranged for Tuesday but a time has to be confirmed.

I do apologise if this blog seems bit erratic and photo heavy.


  1. Hi Sandy
    Nice to see the photo of Neil and the 2 boys. please give him our best regards. It seems like years ago he was working for Atlasair, in fact it was years ago. He has done so well in his new career.
    When we get back in 10 days time we will have to have you round for tea.
    Best wishes

    Gavin & Gaye

  2. Hi Sandy, most of my blog posts are photo heavy, it's what I do.
    The third from the bottom photo showing the apartments on Western Harbour,
    I stayed overnight in those three weeks ago while attending my aunt's funeral.

    I've been a widower for ten years now Sandy. Family and friends kept me on the straight and narrow. Keeping busy helps. My trip around the world visiting long lost relatives and friends really helped. The problem with that though was it had to end, and deep depression came back for a short while. I downsized my house a couple of times, but what really saved me was by coming home to my native country.
    Even after ten years I still get bad times, but time is a great healer.
    Getting involved again can be problematic too, My friend also died earlier this year.

    Walking with the Ramblers, taking photos and video, family visits and reunions both ways, and new adventures is my life nowadays, and a fairly happy one too.

  3. Thanks for your encouraging comments Jim. I know it's early days and I've got to give myself time but as you'll understand, everything is so raw at the moment.

    Hopefully our paths may cross some day

    1. Great pictures. Ally sends her sympathy for your sadness and of course you have my thoughts with you too.