Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Matching Moods

Shot of the Day
Today's shot is of Glewhan gardens near Stranraer. Well worth a visit.

The weather matched my mood this morning, dull, dour and depressing. It was as we say here "a dreich day"  so there was no chance of any decent photos. So I've had to dip into my photo archives for today's offering.

I had an appointment at the Cumberland Infirmary to get a pair of insoles assessed that I had been fitted with recently. I was in and out in a total of 15 minutes but it did get me out of the house. After coming out of the hospital I went to Fred and Irene's for a cup of tea, that cheered me up. And to cheer myself up further I stopped off at PC World and bought myself a new monitor for the PC upstairs. 

After stopping at the Co-op to purchase some milk and cheese I went to Wauchope Cottage to see if there was any tea brewing, there was. Tootlepedal does a lot to lift my spirits. 

Spirits lifted I went home and made a tasty cheese, potato and chorizo  bake for my tea. 

I've just noticed I have reached my one hundredth post. A long way behind Tootlepedal but milestone never the less.

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