Saturday, 26 January 2013

Snow Snow and more Snow

Shot of the day
 When we woke the town was covered in a thick blanket of snow

Tootlepedal rang this morning to see if I wanted to go for a walk and take advantage of the snow that had fell over most of yesterday and on until the early I hours of the morning. I was glad to accept as I had to cancel a trip to Newcastle because of the weather this was to attend a lecture by landscape photographer David Ward

But before any walk the birds in the garden were struggling to get seeds from the feeders and they needed to be filled and cleared.

A blackbird does an ungainly launch.

The scene I was greeted with, this morning

Tootlepedal was ready to go when I arrived. We went off with no real plan of a route. We went down Caroline Street past the Buccleuch Park and Parish Kirk.

I liked the reflections in the water

When we came to the suspension bridge Tootlepedal walked on one side of the river and I on the other up to the Langholm Bridge. If you want to see Tootlepedals view of our walk click here.

George Street

Elizabeth Street and Langholm Bridge

We continued on up Drove Road on a definite route now heading in the direction of the golf course. Passing friends on the way. 

                               One of my Facebook Scrabble opponents Bobby Morrison

Local Postman Gordon Young

When we got to the top of thr Kirk Wynd there was a crowd of sledgers gathered and having a whale of a time.

We decided to walk up the track by the side of the golf course to Whita Well. This proved to be quite strenuous and took a bit of effort on my part and made me aware of how unfit I have become.  
Tibby Lugs Entry

 Our destination, Whita Well

The descent was uneventful until I went ungraciously head first into snowdrift. I was grateful Tootlepedal was there to haul me out. He didn't embarrass me by taking my photo for his blog. I would have. He did find it rather amusing.

There was still plenty of action when we got back to the Kirk Wynd

Tootlepedal suggested I join him for a toasted cheese sandwich when we got back to Wauchope Cottage. There was still time for some photos on the way.  

Local council groundsmen Robin and Stuart busy clearing the Health Centre car park

A very cheery pair

After all that effort I was rather peckish and I was very grateful for the toasted sandwich, which, by the way was delicious. It was time to head for home for a lie down followed by a hot bath.

A snow covered chicken

Humpty Dumpty sat on a snow wall

I apologise if my post is picture heavy and word light but at this moment I am to tired to write any more.


  1. A grand day out

  2. Beautiful image of the church. The shadows in the front with the sun behind the building make it quite striking.

  3. No need for words Sandy, your pictures told the story of your day. Love Humpty Dumpty, that's a work of art.

  4. Poor Humpty didn't last very long, we had torrential rain on Saturday night.

  5. Great photos Sandy,loved Humpty Dumpty, seagulls, sheep they were all fab.

  6. Lovely pics Sandy. From "down under" it looks like Christmas has run throughout January! Elliot

  7. The snow was all but gone by Sunday Elliot it was followed by torrential rain.