Saturday, 2 February 2013

Flights of Fancy

  Shot of the Day

Last Saturdays glorious winter snow scenes was contrasted this week by a glorious early spring day. But we mustn't get too complacent as according to the forecast it's back to the wet and dull weather we have been getting lately. Never the less today's sunshine was most welcome and lifted one's spirits.

I had arranged to go to Dumfries with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal to view Dumfries Camera Clubs annual photo exhibition, but before that I popped into the Farmers Market and purchased some venison mince on Tootlepedals recommendation. I also treated myself to some haggis, sausages, pies and tattie scones. I then went to Wauchope cottage where Mr & Mrs T were waiting for me. Tom had volunteered to be chauffeur as I was to be their guest for the day. 

The drive across to Dumfries was quite delightful and the view over Dumfries was spectacular. Alison remarked it was one of her favourite Scottish views. The exhibition was being held in the Gracefield Arts Centre. Each participant had panels of three or four photos. There was a mixed bag of subjects ranging from portraits, landscape, wildlife to the bizarre but the quality was extremely high. 

Both Tootlepedal and I noticed a great number of the photos were surrounded by a thin black line which made the print stand out within the mount itself and it might be good idea to try it ourselves. After all this viewing a cup of coffee in the Tearoom was called for. 

On leaving the exhibition we noticed a large patch of daffodils protruding from the lawn and on closer inspection they were planted to spell out the word HOST. I would like to see them when they are in full bloom so it might be worth a return visit. In another gallery there was an embroidery exhibition which was to Mrs Tootlepedals delight.
We headed towards Caerlaverock National Nature Reserve stopping off at Glencaple and start taking pictures in earnest. The following selection is just a small selection but I picked out what I thought was of interest.

My highlight of the day was spotting an Egret out on the marsh. I managed to get a snap but I think Tootlepedal may have got a better one. Click here to see if he has and view his day.

Stranded at Glencaple

Signs of spring

Lakeland Fells

Flights of Fancy


Mrs Tootlepedal in her now internationally famous hat. 

A new addition to the Wetlands

                                                  Packing up and heading for home

If the journey across was pleasant, the journey home was spectacular. 

My day out in the company of Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal was an absolute pleasure. They along with some other  close friends have kept me going over these last dark few months and would like to let them know how much I appreciate their friendship and also the kind comments on the blog.


  1. The whole day was great. As they say, we must do it again very soon. I like your opening picture a lot.

  2. I found your blog via Mr. Tootlepedal's, and I'm glad I finally got around to it. Great photos!

  3. Excellent photos! What a great photography day you all had.

    1. It's always a pleasure to go on a photo trip with Tootlepedal.

  4. Nothing quite like a Swan in full flight. Well done Sandy some great photos.

  5. A wonderful post Sandy, brought back some happy memories for me.
    When my father was alive he lived in Trohoughton Avenue along the Bankend road. Twilight at Glencaple where the only sounds were flocks of birds passing overhead is indelibly printed on my mind.

  6. It must be a wonderful place to live Jim, glad you enjoyed the post.

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