Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Visit From Friends

Shot of the Day
As I was expecting Fred & Irene at lunch time my morning was spent mowing the back lawn and a bit of general housekeeping. The purpose of their visit was to see my nestcam set up and a visit to the Moorland Feeder Station as they take a very keen interest in what I'm up to. After lunch and a good chat we headed for the feeder station. When we got there, there was plenty of action but a bitterly cold wind which made Irene seek the warmth of their car. Fred and I spent some time behind the hide enjoying a good variety of birds, he was particularly impressed by the size of the Great Tits. After a while they said they had to return home but had thoroughly enjoyed their visit. As the wind had dropped slightly I remained for a while hoping to get a shot or two. 

I received a text in the morning from my work colleague Lene saying she was going to be walking her dog at Longtown at 3pm if I would like to join her. This was the same walk as I went on with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal recently. By the time I got to Longtown the sun was out and it was comfortably warm so it was nice to enjoy walking in comfort.

Nest Cam update


  1. Langholm's own spring watch. Great video. Fine woodpecker and toad shots so altogether another cracking post.

  2. Those baby birds are sure programed to eat! Is that some kind of moss in the last photo? I like that shot, whatever it is.

  3. The moss was growing on the base of a tree on a shaded river bank. I just liked the texture and form it created. It was thick and soft to the touch.