Sunday, 9 June 2013

A Place of Welcome.

I returned last night from a wonderful day out at Chester with the Carlisle College staff association. My colleagues for the day were Ian and Aileen Garner and Alison Webster. The three hour journey was smooth and comfortable, we were issued with a quiz to keep our minds alert during the journey. We arrived at Chester at the predicted time of 10:50am. As Ian,Aileen and I had never visited Chester before we decided to walk around the city wall stopping of at various points of interest. You get an elevated view from the wall keeping you away from the crowded streets below.

Starting of at Eastgate we we proceeded in a clockwise direction visiting and viewing interesting places and people along the way.

Terraced streets like this were very much a common sight in the not so distant past but due to redevelopment they have diminished considerably. 

As is the rear

People Chester Racecourse was busy getting ready for race day 

The Grandstand looking very grand 

This is not a good example but the canal at this point was cut through solid rock.

Not everyone has a Rhinoceros on their veranda

Continuing on I was attracted by the reflections of my colleagues on the windows of a very modern building that was adjacent to the city wall 


Alison & Aileen

  We stopped off to explore Chester Cathedral which was a real treat. 

We were greeted by wall of welcome in various languages as we entered the cathedral which I thought spoke for the whole city. Which is I found a place of welcome.

This is for the beneifit of Mrs Tootlepedal 

These vaulted ceilings are a true work of architectural genius

Probably the highlight of my day was listening to this orchestra practice whilst we were in the cathedral. I'm not into classical music in a big way but listening to them, I could be converted.

After our walk round the wall we were ready for something to eat so we thought it would be a good idea to find somewhere by the riverside. After looking at several places and finding them very busy due to race day we did manage to get an excellent meal in the Boathouse by the river dee, if you are ever in Chester I recommend it for beer, food and especially the staff. 

After lunch we took a leisurely walk by the riverside enjoying the atmosphere.

My colleagues Aileen, Ian and Alison

We decide to return to the racecourse, which you could view the whole circuit from the elevated road side. Things had hotted up since we passed by earlier and a good party atmosphere was under way.

Every thing's well under control

"they're off"

"approaching the bend"

the final straight 

The finish!

It  was now time to head back to where we were to be picked  up. On  the way I had to admire some of the  old and new architecture.

The journey home was like the journey there; smooth and comfortable.


  1. I'd love to walk on the wall of a walled city. I can't think of anything that even comes close here.
    The cathedral is another place I'd love to spend some time exploring-it's really beautiful.
    Amazing that they cut the canal through solid rock, probably with nothing but hand tools and black powder.

  2. It truly was an amazing place but I need to go back to explore further.

  3. A grand day out and with free racing as well.

  4. I haven't been in Chester since the 60's Sandy, but this post brings back memories.
    I served wine to the top brass of NATO at Saighton Barracks, I won a few bob on the races, and I heard Gene Pitney singing.
    I only heard Gene Pitney singing because he was appearing at the ABC and I was picking up my date who was just coming off duty. She was the kiosk cashier.(I've never understood why I didn't get a free ticket).