Thursday, 6 June 2013

Nestcam Update

The Blue Tit chicks continue to thrive and a difference can easily be seen within 24 hours. The parent birds as well as continuously bringing grubs and insects for the ever demanding mouths keep the nest scrupulously clean, removing droppings as the chicks defecate and the nest bottom is cleaned out after every few trips which can be seen in the video. Strangely after the female has a good clean out she lies on her back for a short while before flying off. 

Of the original eight eggs there is now five chicks which gives them a better chance of survival. On two separate occasions two of the chicks had managed to scramble out of the nest and couldn't struggle back, the parents continued feeding the ones in the nest and seem to ignore the strays. I can only assume they perished and were removed by the adult birds.


  1. Nature can seem cruel at time but as you point out, the surviving brood probably has a better chance of survival.

  2. I like the switch that goes on in the chicks when the adults appear.

  3. It's as though they are programmed.