Sunday, 28 July 2013

Catching Up

Shot of the Day
Scott's View

The reason I haven't blogged for a while is that I had  an unfortunate incident where some hackers managed to access certain information from my laptop. I had to get my laptop completely wiped and reset. It also shakes your confidence about going on line. I was assured that I was just unlucky but I now realize that you cant be too careful.

I was out most days taking photos so to catch up I've produced a small gallery to give a flavor of my days out.

I came across these quirky fairy doors on a recent walk near Brampton

I paid a visit to Abbotsford the home of Sir Walter Scott which has been refurbished.

I enjoyed a couple of days at Haddington messing about on the river with Joe and Sandy

I also enjoyed a visit to Dryburgh Abbey with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal and Jean

If you look carefully you can make out Tootlepedal waiting to get a shot of the cavalcade crossing the river Ewes during the Common Riding. To get more pictures and an interesting description of this event, visit Tootlepedal's blog

This is the view he was getting

Two of the four emblems


  1. All human life is there as they say. Lovely pictures.

  2. Hello Sandy, I know how you feel about being hacked. Back in 2004 all my contacts began deserting me when I started sending them links to the worst and illegal pornography that was around at that time. It wasn't me of course but hackers in Austria.

    Great pictures Sandy. The group ones enlarge beautifully to recognize individuals,a nice record for future surfers.

    1. I'm very reluctant to shop on line at the moment Jim, which is frustrating as it was so convenient.