Monday, 29 July 2013

Pleasant and Sunny

Shot of the Day

It was another day that started wet then ended up pleasant and sunny. I spent the morning preparing a chicken curry from a slow cooker recipe book Mrs Tootlepedal kindly gave me. I omitted some ingredients and added others, mainly because I didn't have some of the ingredients. I set the cooker going at 12:30 pm so it would ready at tea time. After a quick sandwich for lunch I thought I should advantage of the change of weather and mow the back lawn and do some tiding up.  After I was finished I rang Tootlepedal and we agreed on a visit to the feeder station. 

The Woodpeckers were on good form, came in abundance and provided much entertainment and photo opportunities. 

After tea I returned to try and get some sharper shots with the tripod but I somehow have mislaid the quick release bracket that attaches the camera to the tripod so I had make do with handheld shots, which were so disappointing I deleted all the woodpecker pictures, but I did manage to get some reasonably interesting shots.

The Curry was very tasty!


  1. Your woodpecker shots are quite good too.

  2. The bird carpinteroes my favorite bird. These photos are beautiful. Congratulations.