Monday, 26 August 2013

On the Fringe

Shot of the Day

When I drew back the curtains this morning I was greeted by the sight of the buddleia bush covered in butterflies so I wasted little time getting dressed and going out for a few shots. Unfortunately they aren't as sharp as I would have liked.

 Later in the morning I phoned Tootlepedal to see if he was interested in going out in the afternoon, he said he was and we would meet at Wauchope Cottage after lunch.  
Tootlepedal was still nursing a rather painful back when I went to collect him so we were limited for walking any distance. The first port of call was to Langholm Castle where there is an archaeological ground survey taking place and Mrs Tootlepedal is helping as a volunteer, she phoned me later saying they could do with another volunteer tomorrow and would I be interested in coming along to which I said I would.

We drove down to the Tarras bridge and took a short walk along the track looking for interesting things to photograph.

We then drove round by the Kerr wood. 

In this picture I got rid of the telegraph lines but forgot to clone out the pole.

We were passed by Grant Smith taking the incline in his stride.

The Bloch Farm

On returning to Wauchope Cottage we were visited by Dr Tinker to inform Tootlepedal that his  buddleia bush was worth a visit as it was attracting a host of butterflies. 

The following pictures are a selection from a recent visit to the Edinburgh Fringe.

Juggling practise

This was part of an exhibition that was tucked away up a close on the high street
Victoria Crescent
Part of the temporary stand for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

A proper Charlie

Looking serious but seriously talented.

Out of it!


"aye aye sir"
don't practice this at home
This girl's elegant routine with a hula hoop was to me the highlight of my day 

A very strange instrument on Rose Street

The Chilli Dogs perform at the Pear Tree


  1. It looks like you've been having a lot of fun!

  2. Same over this part of the county with the buddleia bush Sandy, there were dozens.
    The fringe is always great for a visit, it's a couple of years since I was over.
    Would love to see the Chilli Dogs sometime.

    1. It was nice to hear the Chilli Dogs Jim as the seated guitarist is my son and I don't get to hear him play very often.

  3. Good to see the photos of the street entertainment at the Edinburgh Festival.Have been promising to go for years but never made it yet. Next Year?

  4. Well worth a visit, so much going on.

  5. That's a handsome guitarist in the blue shirt in the Chilli Dogs.