Saturday, 7 September 2013

Fowl Play at the Benty

Shot of the Day

I was up sharpish this morning as there were photos to enter into the Bentpath Show. I picked Tootlepedal up as arranged and we drove up to the show field. It didn't take us long to stage our entries and we were soon heading back home for breakfast. 
During the morning I popped down to the producers market. I bought some tasty oak smoked cheese, a continental bread stick and some delicious hot smoked salmon, which I had later for my tea. 

After lunch Tootlepedal phoned to say he and Mrs Tootlepedal would meet me at the show later. We arrived exactly at the same time and manged to get parked safely on the roadside. When we got to the industrial tent Tootlepedal was delighted to discover he had won the cup for most points in the photographic section, so well done Mr Tootlepedal.  I was delighted with one 2nd prize and three 3rds.
2nd Flower Study

3rd Animal Study

3rd B & W

3rd View

Mrs Tootlepedal went off to have a look round before she headed home to prepare for B & B guests who were arriving later. 

We headed off to get some shots of the hound trail among other things


.......and over 

It's hard going

There was fowl play in the terrier racing

After Tootlepedal received his cup we collected our photos and headed to Wauchope Cottage for a cup of tea.  


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  2. Wow-I didn't know that the human racers had to jump walls too. Great shots, all. Congratulations on the wins!

    1. I think that 'jumping' rather overstates the case. Scrambling was more like it.

  3. I love the flower study.

  4. Nice variety of pictures Sandy. It looks like both you and tootlepedal were both snapping furiously during the terrier racing, great action shots.
    Over here in the west it's turned cooler, but I'm not giving up on a few more warm sunny days.