Sunday, 20 April 2014

Help Your Self

Shot of the Day

I had no real plans for Easter Sunday except pottering about in the garden, which I did with not much enthusiasm but I did manage to clear a small corner of the garden that was quickly being overgrown with Buttercups. Having done that I took a run up to moorland feeding station for a short time before lunch

Later in the afternoon I called in to Wauchope cottage to drop off some creosote that I had spare in my shed for Mrs Tootlepedal. Tootlepedal was entertaining our fellow archiver Jean. She is very accomplished artist and wanted to browse Tootlepedal's extensive collection of images for something to put on canvas. The timing was good as I intended to ask Tootlepedal if he fancied a little jaunt which he did, so we decided to repeat our Nuthatch hunt that we did the previous day.

I wasn't so successful this time but I did manage to get a shot of another Blue-tit taking over the Nuthatch nest at the Jubilee bridge.

When I returned home I went to fill up the fatball feeder when I found this little guy helping its self to the fatballs


  1. That little mouse probably would have eaten that whole thing if you hadn't found him.

  2. It had already worked its way through three fat balls by the time I found him.

  3. There's a moose loose aboot the hoose. Crivens.