Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Back Again and a Good day

Shot of the Day

I've not had very good year blogging wise. This latest lapse is due to  nasty bout of pneumonia which is taking a great deal of recovering from. I went back to work on a phased return basis which was good. Tootlepedal has been a great source of encouragement to my recovery, always suggesting trips out but none too strenuous. 

After some breakfast I headed to the moorland feeder station to do my turn at filling the feeders. When In I was up the previous week I had to beat a hasty retreat due the midges. This prompted me to purchase some of the recommended Avon Skin So Soft which I sprayed myself liberally with; I've no idea whether it worked or there were no midges. After filling the feeders I sat behind the screen and watched a pair or woodpeckers chase each other round tree trunk to tree trunk.  

I returned home for some lunch and a lie down to further aid my recovery. Fully refreshed I drove down to the the bridge near to what was Tarras Distillery with the intentions of walking up the track that Tootlepedal and I have done on several occasions but this time I thought I would go the whole length of the path which turned out to be rather disappointing as it petered out into nothing after a while. I reluctantly returned to the car and headed off to pastures new.
  Just a sample of the many species of grasses

End of the track

 This daisy seemed smile at me as I passed.

I ended up at Browhouses near Gretna, a placed that holds many a good memory, a place where you can enjoy a quiet walk meeting the odd dog walker. 

A pair of Shelducks

Looking over the Solway towards the Lakeland fells

Evidence of the errosion caused by high tides
More grasses
Himalayan Balsam. An intrusive species but more pleasant on the the eye than the noxious Japanese knot weed and I believe it produces very good honey

I walked along the coast line as far as I could and returned along the path that runs parallel between the coast and the M.O.D munitions dump 

I took this shot expecting a sudden burst of sirens and armed guards appearing from the undergrowth.

I have no idea

It has been a good day and good to be back in a blogging mood again.


  1. Welcome back.

  2. Nice to see you back blogging again Sandy. Hope that you are now fully recovered.

  3. Thanks Gavin, almost there.

  4. Sorry to here you've been ill Sandy.
    I can vouch for 'Skin so soft', nearly all of us in the Wigtownshire Ramblers swear by it.
    Great set of photographs. Your butterfly is known as a Ringlet.

  5. Thanks Jim, hopefully I can get back into regular blogging again.

  6. enjoyed this post and look forward to more blogs from you.