Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Good Place To Be

Shot of the Day
Longtown Bridge

After breakfast and a shower I decided to start de-cluttering the house by emptying the bookcase of unwanted books and passing them on to the Heart Foundation charity. The reason I'm doing this is that I intend to put my house on the market in the near future and move into a bungalow which I own nearby. I've had plans drawn up to extensively extend the bungalow and they have been submitted for building consent. I intend to post regular updates on the project. I loaded the books into the car and took them down the bookbank at the Co-op car park only to find it was full. The books will have to remain in the car until such time as they can be passed on. 

By this time it was time to go to the Townhall Gallery to collect my pictures from the exhibition. Having done this I went to Wauchope cottage with Tootlepedal for a cup of coffee and say good morning to Granny. We decided an outing to the riverside walk at Longtown after lunch would be a nice idea.

I picked Tootlepedal up at the arrange time. On arrival at Longtown we sprayed our self liberally with insect repellent before setting off.

Tootlepedal sets the pace.

Our intention was to get some butterfly shots as there is an abundance of them here. This was rather more difficult than we thought as they tended to flutter about when approached and when you did find one that had settled it  was hard to get a shot with their wings open. Maybe more patience is needed.

A mother duck leading her duclklings over  the river......

......reaching the far side safely.

Arthuret Church stood resplendent in the distance. 
The meadows are a sight to behold..... were these orchids.

This was a good place to be on a day like today, peaceful, relaxing and good company. By the time we returned to the car we were ready for home. I dropped Tootlepedal off and went home and made some bacon and scrabbled egg for tea.

When I went to put some kitchen waste in the compost bin I was greeted by a family of slow worms. I've had slow worms before but always the one which my grandson Joe named Patrick. Now they seem to be increasing in number,


  1. I was just admiring the shot of that bridge on Mr. T.s blog and I'm glad to get a second look at it. Something about the lighting makes those shots excellent to me.
    I like the shot of the butterfly on the thistle and the landscapes are beautiful. The slow worms sure do look like snakes. It's a good thing it wasn't my dear old grandmother who went to that compost bin. There would have been some serious screaming going on!
    Congratulations on beating the pneumonia.

  2. It's only when you get down to the river side that you realise what a magnificent bridge it is and photographs well.

  3. Downsizing and trying to become a minimalist is hard Sandy, I'm still failing at it.
    Great pictures as usual, great to see a very old building still in use. It reminds me of St Wilfred's Tower in Northenden, Manchester.
    I'm a sucker for wild orchids, they seem to be in abundance this year. Love those worms too.

  4. I think I've filled the wheely bin at least three times and still can't see a difference.
    I remember the last holiday I spent with Anne on the Mull of Galloway we had never seen a display of wild flowers like it. Good memories Jim.