Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Red Kites

Shot of the Day
Loch Ken

Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal had kindly invited me to join them and Granny on a visit to the Red Kite Centre near Castle Douglas, but before that I had to attend the Health Centre for an I N R check to see if I'm on the correct dosage of warfarin. By the time I had showered Dougie the painter was in full stroke with his roller. When I returned I got a call from Tootlepedal asking if I'd filled the feeders at the moorland feeder station, I hadn't; I made a hasty visit to the feeders. 

Evetually we all set off a mere twenty minues later than the arranged time of 10 o'clock. It was a lovely sunny morning and the journey across was very relaxed and it was a pleasure to be a passanger. We travelled up the east side of Loch Ken stopping to take a couple of shots. We stopped at the Ken Bridge Hotel for lunch. I recommend the hot beef sandwich, the beef was mouthwateringly good.

Ken Bridge

Ken Bridge Hotel

Granny and Mrs Tootlepedal.......
.......two delightful ladies.

After lunch we made our way down the west side of Loch Ken which was every bit as pretty as the other side. We arrived at the feeding station in good time as the Kites were due to be fed at 2 o'clock. This was my third visit the the centre and Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal and Granny's first. It's a spectacle worth seeing and I would reccomend a visit especially for children. A new visitor centre has been constucted since I was last there which boasted a grand view on to the feeding platform.

I was very disappointed with my efforts of getting a decent shot of the kites, I'm really going to have to think about digging deep into my savings and get a high quality lens for sharper shots.



  1. A grand day out.

  2. Those shots of the birds are much better than I could have done. The landscapes are beautiful!

  3. Looks a beautiful day in a lovely part of the country. The photos are great but could not view the video.

  4. Nice shots Sandy, the red kites are appearing over Newton Stewart these days. I've yet to visit the Kite centre at of these days.