Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Down by the Riverside

Shot of the Day
 The Deid Neuk

I had arranged with one of the local tradesmen Dougie Nutt to come and start painting the exterior of my house in preparation for putting on the market. Dougie came at the appointed time and soon set about his task.

I received a phone call just before lunch from Tootlepedal to see if I was available for a trip out later, which I said I was. We were undecided where to go and after some deliberation Tootlepedal suggested we go to Canonbie and have a walk down by the riverside to see the Sand martins that nest along the sand banks. We were in luck but I found them devilishly hard to photograph.......

..........maybe Tootlepedal had better luck. Along the way we passed some fishing tackle but no fishermen.

Canonbie church always looks splendid from the riverside.

These sheep were getting some respite from the heat

I think next time I shall bring my tripod and remote and focus on the entrance to the nesting holes. 

We decided to return by way of Tootlepedal's morning run past the Kerr wood, stopping off at Mrs Tootlepedals manure mine for a short walk along the river Wauchope.

Looking towards Cumbria from the Kerr wood.

Leading down to the river.

The pine trees are heavy with pine cones at the moment.

The thistles in the feild were cover with colorful insects.

We then returned for a cup of tea at Wauchope Cottage in the company of Mrs Tootlepedal, Granny and Dr Tinker. When I got home I found Dougie had been very industriuos I was well pleased with the result and hopefull any prospective buyer will be impressed. I have ben invited to join Mr and Mrs Tootlepedal and Granny to go and visit the Red Kites near Castle Douglas tomorrow which I'm looking forward too.


  1. I didn't have much luck with the sand martins either but it was a very pleasant outing.

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  3. Good pictures Sandy, snap on the thistle. Hope you had a grand day with the red kites.