Sunday, 2 November 2014

Capital Pictures

 Shot of The Day

I took up the offer of a lift to Lockerbie with Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal on Friday and accompany them on the train to Edinburgh. The plan was; they would go off and see the worlds greatest baby and I would have a day in the city mainly devoted to photography. 

Lockerbie Station

We were going very fast

Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal in a relaxed mode and enjoying the journey

I got off the train at the Haymarket as I wanted to experience a ride on the new tram system. There's been  serious amount of money spent in getting the system up and running but now it's in operation we may as well enjoy it rather than bemoan it. I traveled down Princes Street and got off at St Andrews Square. 

I spent the rest of the morning having a pleasant walk round the New Town before having lunch in the Standing Order on George Street. 

King James Shopping Centre

After lunch I headed for Calton Hill passing the two giraffes that featured in Tootlepedals blog recently. I liked them. 

The view over the city from Calton Hill as always is breathtaking, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves

I spent  some time taking arty shots.

I left Calton Hill pausing at this building on Waterloo Place.....'s where the reception was held when my son got married.

I think Victoria Place always photographs well

I like the concentration on both the artist and the subjects face.

Halloween Queues at a novelty shop 

More Queues

This guy was standing at the door of the novelty shop and looked straight at the camera and smiled as I took the shot

Street Photography
The main reason for the visit to Edinburgh was to try my hand at street photography, I got plenty of these kind of shots......
..... but I persevered and the following is in my opinion the best of the bunch


  1. Outstanding views of the town and fun street shots.

  2. ..............and I haven't been in Auld Reekie at all this year.