Thursday, 11 December 2014

Going Bionic

Shot of the Day

Today's blog photos come from a recent trip to Glasgow to visit my friend Margot. Arriving at Central Station on Friday teatime we headed for George Square which was all lit up with festive lights and a Fair was in full swing.

We then visited a colourful continental market close by which was selling a great variety of colourful goods.

On Saturday we headed for the Transport Museum which also known as the the Riverside Museum. Designed by award winning architect Zaha Hadid this is a wonderful example of contemporary modern architecture which Glasgow seems to have embraced. The museum itself hosts a wonderful collection vehicles from different eras. In one part of the museum a street with shops and vehicles from the late 19th century has been created, along with people dressed for the period going about what would have been their everyday business.

A wall of motor cycles

As most of you already know, Tootlepedal has recently went bionic and got himself a new knee. He is rigidly sticking to the exercise plan he was given despite the constant pain he is baring at the moment. I try to visit on fairly regular basis without overstaying my welcome as I can see he gets tired very quickly. On recent blog he mentioned a rather fine portrait for him to see, although I'm not a portrait photographer I was very pleased with this one.



  1. What a great portrait

  2. Lovely colourful photos of the Christmas market and fair, Sandy.

  3. Very colourful post Sandy. Maybe you should take up portrait photography, that's as good as any I've come across.

  4. Thanks for your compliments Jim they're very encouraging