Thursday, 5 February 2015

A Very Welcome Visitor

Shot of the Day

It was one of those day's that just got better and better. After the best nights sleep I've had in ages I awoke to a beautiful sunny morning. After a hearty breakfast  and feeling rejuvenated I went and did my turn at the moorland feeders. The door to the new hide was unlocked so after filling the feeders I spent some time inside. Once the floor is laid and benches are installed it will be a great asset. The view of the feeders at the moment is clear but when the vegetation is fully grown the feeders on the right hand side might be slightly obscured but I'm sure a little light trimming here and there should provide an adequate view of the feeders.

On the way home I stopped off at the Buccleuch Centre to purchase tickets for a concert coming up in June. I joined Mike Tinker for coffee and we were joined by newly appointed Centre manager Alan Weatherstone. I then went by Wauchope Cottage to see if Tootlepedal had any plans for the afternoon, but he was already dressed to go out and asked me to join him. 

We headed off round the new 3G pitch and over the Jubilee bridge stopping to take a shot up river and down river.

We hadn't gone too far when Tootlepedal spotted this delightful robin perched in the lower branches of a tree by the path. He was a bit bedraggled but was quite happy to pose for us.
 "if I new you were coming I would've dressed better"

 " I think this is my best side"

Langholm Lodge

Duchess bridge. In a couple of months this view will be obscured.

Clearing up at the pheasant pens.

This is where I spent the first three years of my life.

This kill was so fresh I've a feeling we may have disturbed the predator.

The winter sunlight brought the best of normally dull trees.

 This old tree stump has taken on some interesting features with age.

Tootlepedal wanted to try and get a flying bird of the day so we stopped off at the Kilngreen.

Town bus driver Brian gives us the thumbs up. He's a very obliging and cheery chap and a pleasure to travel with. 

My best effort of a flying bird.

On arriving back home I was greeted by my old school pal Graham Rodger who had just arrived on the off chance that I would be at home. This was a most unexpected pleasure as I hadn't seen Graham for a number of years, even though he lives in Carlisle. We shared many good times with when we were teenagers some not blogable. Somehow our lives took different paths but it was nice Graham looked me up to re establish the friendship. We spent the afternoon catching up and reminiscing. Graham and I have went through a similar experience these last few years and it was good to share how we felt and are managing to adapt to a different way of life. In the evening I collected Tootlepedal and we went and put a week of the E&L into the database. 


  1. A most enjoyable walk.

  2. Enjoyable walk, excellent company.

  3. I love the shot of the sun on the tree trunks. We're supposed to see -15 degrees F tonight and that shot looks warm and inviting.
    Your shot of the day is also beautiful. It's nice to see you and Mr. T out and about again.

    1. It's nice to get out with Tootlepedal he's such good company.

  4. Great to see the progress on the Bird Hide and like you I will most likely spend quite a bit of time in it in the future. The Robin photos are great.

  5. I'll keep you up to date with the hides progress.

  6. Great 'In flight' picture Sandy, have a great weekend.