Sunday, 1 February 2015

A Walk and a Drive a New Pair of Boots

Shot of the Day

I spent most of the morning doing general housework and making a pan of parsnip and potato soup for my lunch which I might say was quite delicious. Tootlepedal phoned to invite me for a coffee but I declined as I had just sat down to a cup of coffee I had just poured for myself. He and Mrs Tootlepedal were planning a quick trip  into Carlisle and we arranged to meet later for a short walk. 

Whita Hill living up to its name

We met as planned and decided to have a nice leisurely stroll round the Murthholm. Although the ground conditions are improving Tootlepedal made the wise decision to wear yaktraks, I made the unwise decision to wear a pair of trainers but I did manage to get round without coming to grief. It was a lovely day for a walk but the sunshine was accompanied by a very cold wind which we would be going against on the return part of the walk.

It's good to see families out walking

Murtholm Farm

The holly berries were eye catching against the green of the leaves.

Looking back towards Meikleholm and Timpen.

We both stopped to take the obligatory photo of the old distillery.

I just love the way the water has shaped these stones over countless years.

Tootlepedal pointed out this fungus that was attached to an old tree stump.

This picture picture shows the old railway bridge getting dismantled and what the same spot looks like now.

The lichen on one of the suspension bridge supports caught my eye. 

We returned to Wauchope Cottage for a welcome cup of tea and one of Mrs Tootlepedals delicious hot cross buns. 

Once again we were treated to a day of brilliant sunshine, this time there didn't seem to be the biting wind that we had yesterday. No Tootlepedal to accompany me today as they both were away on choir duty in Carlisle. Instead of a walk I decided to have a run up to the moorland feeders to see how the new hide was coming on.

Quite nicely by the looks of things. I'm sure Toolepedal, I and others will make good use of the hide in the coming months.
A very grand bug hotel.

I took a stroll back down the road to see if I could get some shots, when I met Bruce, Lesley and Guthrie. Guthrie thought it would be good idea for Bruce and Lesley to visit the feeder station as they had never been up that part of the road. 

 I them moved on to  The Hollows bridge and took this shot when I parked the car. I've done a comparison showing the same shot Autumn and Winter.

The beauty of living in such a beautiful area you have an abundance of favourite views and this is two of mine taken from Gilnockie bridge, looking upriver and looking down river.


I then continued on to Canonbie. Walking down towards the Kirk this strangulated tree trunk caught my eye

The path by the grave yard was free of snow and ice but when I came to the river bank it was too slippy for me to continue on that route so I crossed the fence into the adjacent field where walking on the level and on fresh snow was much safer. I wanted to see the result of a  rock slip that had occurred recently. That must be very close to someones garden which must be quite scary. 

couldn't resist one more shot of the Kirk

Having splodged about lately in footwear that wasn't quite up to the present conditions I took a run across to Gretna Gateway and purchased at a very reasonable price a pair of lined rubber boots. All I need now is Yaktraks.


  1. You certainly got about. Nice selection of pictures from both days.

  2. Some lovely pictures, Sandy. Particularly like the strangled tree and the holly berries.

  3. Thank you for your comments Alison we need to have a photo outing soon.

  4. Lovely selection of pictures Sandy. Over here It hasn't snowed for about a week now, but the snow isn't departing fast at all.

  5. The snow its still lying quite thick here too Jim but we've had some lovely but bitterly cold days.

  6. I bet the soup was delicious