Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Burrell

Shot of the Day
Rodin's Thinker

I looked up Rodin's Thinker online to see if this was the original but discovered it was one of several castings, so in theory it is quite original.

If we all have a bucket list I ticked one of mine off today by visiting the Burrell Collection at Pollock Park Glasgow.

 I set off this morning catching the bus I usually get for work. The buses that are travelling from Galashiels to Carlisle aren't the most reliable, both time wise and mechanically. The bus  we had been allocated seemed to object to being pushed along and this caused a bit concern with the daily commuters wanting to get to work, but all this was unfounded as we arrived well on time. I had enough time to spare before I caught my train to Glasgow to allow me to collect my glasses from Specsavers, which had been in for repair.

I arrived in Glasgow on schedule and met Margot who kindly acted as my tour guide for the day as she has done on several occasions. After coffee, tea & scones at Pollock house we had a walk around the grounds before visiting the Burrell Collection. The following shots aren't the best of quality as I was shooting in low light and using a high ISO.

Pollock House grounds

The Burrell Collection (Part of it)

This is only a fraction of what we saw. 

The building was purpose built in a way that the building features didn't distract from the exhibits but still made a very modern statement, which I'm sure Sir William Burrell would've approved. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit but I didn't get the wow! factor that I expected. Maybe I need to visit in the summer when the park and gardens are in full bloom. 

We returned to the city centre and had a late lunch and a really good conversation before I caught my train back to Carlisle then the bus back home to Langholm.


  1. A good day out Sandy. I have never visited the Burrell Collection but maybe someday.

  2. I must say that I found it a bit of a hodge podge.

  3. As impressed as I was I must admit it was a bit of a hodge podge.