Sunday, 15 March 2015

A Grand Opening.

Shot of the Day

Today was the official opening of the new hide at the moorland feeder station. This was a grand affair, we were bused up to the sight although Tootlepedal opted to cycle there instead. Something maybe I should have done as I've accumulated some extra weight over the winter months which needs to be addressed. There was some welcoming coffee, tea and delicious cakes and tray bakes on hand. I wondered how the birds would react to so many people milling around but they just ignored us and carried on as though we weren't there. This was a good thing as there was quite a few youngsters there and they got to see what was on view and hopefully they'll pay regular visits with friends and family. The inside of the hide had been transformed since Tootlepedal and I had visited the previous morning. Benches, sills and information boards had been installed, making the place feel as where one could spend a few comfortable hours. 

Dr Barlow speaks about how the project came about and the obstacles they had to cross before it all came to fruition.

Simon and Dr Barlow are joined by Daniel Lacey who designed and constructed the hide with help from some of Langholm Academy pupils.

Local head gamekeeper Simon Lester had been invited to cut the ceremonial ribbon but beforehand he gave a speech on how appropriate that Mother Nature had its place here on Mothers Day.

The usual cheery Tootlepedal.


  1. A great set of pictures.

  2. Many thanks Sandy.Despite being almost 6000 miles away your blog makes me feel as if I was present on the Moor today. I look forward to spending many happy hours in the Hide in the future.

    1. It is a great asset to the community Gavin.

  3. As you say I hope the youngsters will put it to good use. I'm very interested in getting them interested in nature, no matter what form.

  4. It's just nice that some youngsters just want to get outdoors.

  5. Nice to see it all finished and your great pictures show how well it works!

  6. I've a feeling it's going to be a busy hide this coming spring and summer.