Monday, 8 February 2016

A Friendly Bunch

After seeing the boys to school I went into the town centre and had a mug of coffee before my journey home. It was nice to take the boys to school always a chore I relish when I get the chance and I think they were quite chuffed to have Grandpa tag along. The journey home was quite pleasant and uneventful stopping off at Hawick for some sundries. After spending much of the afternoon dozing on the couch I made macaroni cheese for my tea and there was enough left over to put in the freezer.

Lately I have taken up carpet bowling; this is a game but of considerable skill of which I have yet to master. I play on a Monday night at Ewes hall and on a Thursday night at Langholm Royal British Legion. It is a very friendly game and I'm enjoying it immensely bit on saying that I did manage to win my first match tonight.

The games have started in earnest......

.....and the next shot is being studied 

There is no disputing who is nearest the centre

A friendly bunch and good company


  1. You make it look like a good night out.

  2. I thought about trying the carpet bowling but there is too much kneeling for me. I could get down but never get up again. Glad you are enjoying it and hope to see you on the proper green this summer.