Sunday, 7 February 2016


This weekend has been spent at Haddington, apart from seeing Joe and Sandy the main purpose of my visit was to watch my son Neil play with his band Montana at Biblos on Chamber street in Edinburgh. The band were on top form playing to an energetic and appreciative crowd. The pub was busy due to the rugby international between Scotland and England.

After lunch on Sunday the boys and I went for a walk into town. They took their scooters with them and had great fun getting blown along with the strong wind that was blowing. 

St Marys Church
Apparently the largest parish church in Scotland

The boys had fun climbing this yew tree on the way

This small canal that runs adjacent to the river Tyne served a similar purpose to the dam that runs alongside Tootlepedal's house and feed power to the local mills.

A waterwheel that stopped turning a long time ago.

After the boys had some fun in the play park we battled against the wind and headed home for tea. 


  1. Those boys are growing fast. Nice to see you back blogging again Sandy. We have missed you.

  2. I like the two scooter technique.

  3. I thought it was rather daring.

  4. I thought it was rather daring.