Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Frosty Walk and a Trip Into Town

I woke to a welcome sunny but frostymorning which lifted my spirits no end. After breakfast and a cup of coffee I set off for a quick walk round the Castleholm. I stopped off at the bungalow and topped up the electric and gas meters. I've had some interest in it lately but no offers as yet hopefully come the spring someone may see the potential the property offers. I passed by the new primary school where the children were getting ready to go to class. 

The remains of an old clay pipe that someone had found and laid on a stone onthe way to the Duchess Bridge. The initials T W were quite intriguing, were they the owner or the maker?

Looking upstream from Duchess bridge a scene that never seems to come out well when photographed

It's always difficult to get a shot of the bridge without treesvand beanches getting in the way

I stopped admire the ice patterns in some puddles

Sunlight and shadows

It was a good morning for frosthair

Two important town bridges

The Ministers poultry enjoying the sunshine and....

....the frosted ivy caught my eye on the Manse wall

In the afternoon I went to Carlisle to meet up with an ex work colleague for a spot of lunch and a catch up. It was nice to see the outside sitting areas full of people taking advantage of the sunshine. 

Carlisle old town hall looking resplendent in the sunshine since it's recent make over


  1. Love the ice photographs Sandy. I could say they are very cool.

  2. A very good day to be out and about and well recorded.