Friday, 19 February 2016

Round Potholm

After breakfast I was just about to tackle a mountain of ironing that has been accumulating whem I received a text from Tootlepedal inviting me to join him on a brisk walk round Potholm, I wasn't to be asked twice. We hoped to get round before it got too wet, we had some spells of light drizzle but managed to get home before the rain started in earnest. It wasn't the best of days for taking photographs gloomy is a word I use to describe our walk nevertheless it was Tootlepedals company made it quite enjoyable.

This moss was growing out of a wall top was like a miniature forest

The long and winding road

Some interesting fungus  

It's amazing what photographers see as interesting subjects these old tires caught my eye

The Breconwrae


Potholm Farm

I spent the rest of the day doing some photo editing for fun as you can see above, these were farm houses we passed on the way. I also got caught up on some long overdue emails.


  1. Nifty editing. Nice walk.

  2. I often see forests in moss, too, and then wonder if our forests seem like moss to--well, that doesn't bear thinking about. I like the edits.

  3. You saw some beautiful things on your walk as you always seem to do. I love the lone tree and the fungus.
    Your photo edits look like they'd make some fine note cards.