Thursday, 18 February 2016

Warbla Time

We woke to a cold frosty misty morning and the outlook didn't look to bright for a while but as I was having breakfast thins were starting to brighten up and I noticed that the mist was starting to disperse so I set up my Canon DSLR on time-lapse mode pointing at Warbla from the landing window in the hope I would catch something interesting. I left the camera clicking away quite confidently on its own and went to take my turn at filling the feeders at the moorland station. 

This fella was strutting his stuff when I arrived

When I got out of the car I paused to appreciate how a little sunlight can brighten up what is normally a gloomy countryside at this time of year

Shooting pictures in the morning is always difficult as you're shooting into the sunlight

I tried to use my pocket cam's remote feature by WiFi from my phone but I just haven't quite have got the hang of it yet so I haven't got anything worthy of blogging. In the evening I went of to help Tootlepedal to put some entries into the database for a short while and the went to the Eskdale Hotel had our usual refreshment afterwards.

A Morning on Warbla


  1. Whistlebare is an interesting name so I look forward to seeing more from this new company. Great photos from the Moorland Feeding Station road.

  2. The timelapse worked very well. Now you just need a sunnier day.