Tuesday, 10 May 2016

A Few Bluebells

I received a phone call on Monday just after lunch time from Tootlepedal to see if I was up for a stroll later in the afternoon I said I was. I spent the morning in the garden doing some much needed tidying up, I think it'll take me the whole summer to get it back on track. Stuart Cartner kindly came to the rescue and did some back breaking work which I appreciated very much as he his very busy with his day job and doing peoples gardens in the evenings and weekends, he also kindly cut the grass along at the bungalow. 

I met Tootlepedal at Wauchope cottage at the appointed time and we set off with the intentions of getting a shot or two of a few Bluebells......that turned out to be an under statement.   

We passed through the park along by the path above the river.........

.......towards the Beechy Plains....

......where there were some Bluebells.....

.....we walked up the track which leads to the Stubholm...

...then turned left at the top of the hill along the top path.

Tootlepedal was advised by fellow archivist Nancy that this was one of the best places for Bluebells and she was right

We continued along the path and up the Hungry Burn towards the Kernigal. We were caught up by Nancy's husband Bob, he'd been sent to experience the Bluebells but had approached them from a different direction and had missed them, so after some guidance from us he headed off in the right direction.

It's many years since I've had a walk in the Kernigal and with all the cutting and new roads put in I hardly recognized the area, 

We headed down passed the Stubholm and made our way back to Wauchope Cottage for a welcome cup of tea.

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