Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Another Grey Day that Goat Better

We woke to yet another grey day among grey days that seem to be endless at the moment. After breakfast I put a week of the E & L into the data base then added some pages from Matt Ewart's scrapbooks onto the the photo archives. These are scrapbooks by the late Matt Ewart who was a great Common Riding stalwart and had collected some interesting facts and pictures of Common Ridings dating from 1901 until 1975. This kept me going for most of the day apart from stopping for lunch and a snooze and trip to the feeder station with Tootlepedal. He text me to see if I was interested in a soggy walk, I wasn't but was quite happy to spend an hour at the moorland feeder station. 

This usually one of my favourite views.....

....the feeders were looking rather gloomy too....

......but with the wonders of modern camera technology I was able to get some acceptable shots.

In the evening I went off to the Buccleuch Centre to listen to Ten Strings and a Goatskin, a  traditional band from Canada's Prince Edward Isle, they were three pleasant young men who were enthusiastic about they're traditional roots and music who were on a short tour of Scotland ending at the Celtic Connections festival in Glasgow at the weekend. For a more knowledgeable account of the concert click on Tootlepedals blog

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  1. We did well to get any pictures on such a misty day. I enjoyed yours.