Wednesday, 25 January 2017


After attending the Health Centre this morning I called Tootlepedal to ask him if he was interested in having a run over to Lockerbie to visit Eskrigg Nature Reserve, but as I suspected, he was preparing to go out on a cycle ride as the weather was very favorable. I filled a flask with coffee and made some sandwiches to eat on the way. My intention was to go on a circular drive by way of Eskdalemuir, Boreland, Lockerbie, Annan, Gretna then back home.

I stopped off at Bentpath (known locally as 'The Benty') to take a shot of the church basking in the sun.

The rest of the journey was pleasant enough but uneventful. I arrived at Lockerbie, parked the car and made my way to the nature reserve. This is a wonderful place to come, there is always something to see due to the amazing diversity of the place. 

This little guy gotfed up with having to open the feeder all the time.....

.......he decide just to get in.

A notch was cut into the tree trunk and a fat ball rubbed in, apparently this is attract tree creepers, something maybe worth trying at the moorland feeder station.

After spending a very pleasant couple of hours I was ready to continue. The rest of the trip was like the first half, pleasant but uneventful. apart from stopping off for a cup of coffee at Gretna Gateway retail park. 


  1. I wish that I had been able to come with you. A good day out.

  2. A great place to visit. My grandchildren just love it there as they are always guaranteed to see Squirrels.