Tuesday, 18 July 2017

A Walk and a Potter

Another fine morning awaited us once more and I wasn't going to waste a minute of it. I got up showered had some breakfast and set of to do a small circular walk by way of Jimmy's Brae, Becks Burn then past the Ha' Crofts and back into town missing out Gaskell's Walk. 

I hadn't gone too far before I met Ramsay Johnstone who was mucking out his stables and was more than happy to spend some time with me and have a general chat about the weather and the forth coming Common Riding. Ramsay was one of a few local Common Riding enthusiasts that set  up The Young Riders Club a few years ago, this was done the ensure the future of the Common Riding was safe and the young riders were very capable riders and encourage future Cornets. He also imparted some rather sad news about ex cornet Ian Ewart who suffered a fatal heart attack yesterday, Ian was the son of Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal neighbour Liz, my condolences and sympathy go out to Liz and family.

Heading up Jimmy's Brae....

.....passing this leafy tunnel that leads to Meikleholm Hill.

Insects were busy.....

.....and wild flowers were in abudance which makes up for most of this post.


Getting ready for lift off.

Now this isn't fooling anyone.

Nice light through the trees down by the Becks Burn

I cotinued on taking shots of local flora along the way.

The hedgerows seem to be reaching the height of their growth and will be starting to die back in the next few weeks.

Ha' Crofts with a magnificent backdrop.

 Nice reflections at the Pool Corner.

I returned home and spent the rest of the morning pottering about in the garden. 

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  1. Looks like a great morning for a walk.