Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Testing Testing Testing.

After visiting the health centre for my regular blood check this morning I got prepared to visit Eskrigg nature reserve at Lockerbie to see if I could spot a squirrel or two and give my new camera a bit of a road test. I've just bought a Canon EOS 7d mark II after a lot of looking at reviews.

It was a beautiful morning and made for a very pleasant drive across. Before I left I received a text from Tootlepedal inquiring how the camera club had went last night and he remarked it was blowing a gale in Marseilles, maybe they took the Langholm weather with them. 

The following is the first real effort with the new camera, personally I think the old one produced as good pictures but maybe that was because I knew the camera inside out and most of these have been taken on automatic, but it feels good, weighty but not too heavy and feels comfortable in my hand and the auto focusing is amazing so as they say practice makes perfect, but I also think I need to update my lenses accordingly.


  1. Great set of photos Sandy. Eskrigg is a great place to visit especially with Grandchildren as you are almost certain to see a Red Squirrel there. I am sure the new camera will be a great buy and you will soon get the hang of it.

  2. Thanks Gavin.....hope to take Neil's boys there soon.

  3. The new camera looks promising. You saw a lot of interest on your visit.