Saturday, 21 October 2017

A Mixed Bag

A very short post today just to keep my hand in. I've recently returned from a holiday in Portugal at Albufeira which was totally relaxing with lots of reading by the pool in glorious sunshine. 

I didn't take many photos but managed to have trip into the old town one afternoon. 

I did a little bit of  in camera experimenting with the next shot.

I received a text message from Toolepedal just after lunch asking if I was interested in a walk which I was.  I picked him up shortly after. We intended to go round the Fairy Loup but had quick deviation up to the moorland feeders. I had my new camera with me and as I hadn't used it for a while I struggled with the settings.

As I'm too tired to write a proper post I'll leave you with the following shots. I'm sure Tootlepedal will have done a more detailed account of our walk


  1. I wish that you had bought some of that sunshine back with you. I enjoyed the walk.

  2. I enjoyed it too even though it was short.

  3. Some lovely autumnal photos