Thursday, 21 December 2017


I woke up to another day of perpetual gloominess which seems to be prevalent at the moment, but nonetheless I had a busy morning in front of me. After a light breakfast I went and did my Thursday turn at the Moorland Feeder Station, then I went had my six monthly check up at the dental surgery which I passed with flying colours, so no more worries for another six months hopefully. The next task was to man the Welcome to Langholm tourist hub. At this time of year I expected little or no visitors at all and expected a rather uninteresting morning. but I had two couples visit who had strong connections with the town so there was lots of reminiscing. 

I wasn't home 10 minutes, when my mobile went, it was Tootlepedal inquiring if I was interested in a quick stroll along the Becks Burn and as he was already on his way it was a bit of a rush to get organised. He wanted to have a walk around the Becks as he had heard from good authority that the woodland part of the walk was due to be felled and he wanted to get some shots before that happened but unfortunately we were too late as felling had started this morning.

Mist creeping up the valley

As we progressed we noticed what looked like beehives tucked away in the undergrowth 

A couple of Jacob sheep giving us the once over.

 The felling had already started so we went as near as it was safe to do so...hopefully Tootlepedal will have better shots of the woodcutting machinery.

We retraced our step so far and made our way down the adjacent field through this nice new gate.

I noticed the honeysuckle was starting to sprout.

The going was rather sticky due to cattle churning up the ground,

I can remember this burn from childhood but It and the landscape has changed in so many ways.

Plenty of food for the birds.

Moles seem to be very active

This shot must be very close to where......

.....this photograph was taken many years ago

We  came upon a rather proud heron who posed briefly for us ....

...but quickly turned away

I bade Tootlepedal farewell as he was off to sing carols with Langholm Sings Choir.

I made my way up Jimmy's Brae past what was the Pour Hoose, a bit of research on this might be interesting. 

The rest of day was spent quite leisurely writing Christmas cards cards and wrapping presents.



  1. We will have to revisit the wood when it has been felled.

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