Thursday, 27 September 2018

A Closer Look

I had a reasonably busy morning with a visit to the Health Centre for an INR check which controls my warfarin intake, bills to pay, feeders to fill at the Moorland Feeder Station then coffee at Wauchope Cottage. As I Left I arranged to go for a walk later in the day with Tootlepedal. I continued my busy morning by sorting out what items I'm going to take on the upcoming holiday to Thailand that I am embarking on next Tuesday. 

I collected Tootlepedal later as arranged then we drove down the A7 stopping off at the lay-by at the Seven Sisters and to a wander down the old road to see if we could get some autumnal shots.

I spotted this tiny snail perched on a dandelion.......

.........I had to have a closer look.

We negotiated our way past this muddy entrance to make our way down to the river bank....

....and took this shot looking back......

.......but there wasn't much to see.

 We returned to thecar and stopped at the Hollows Bridge to admire the view, both up stream... 

.....and downstream.

Just to let us know what river we were looking at.

After a quick walk to the Bryeburn Bridge we returned home, it was an enjoyable short walk but a bit disappointing as far as picture taking was concerned. 

In the evening I attended the Buccleuch Centre with my friend Stuart for a very enjoyable concert with Phil Cunningham and Ali Bain, two very accomplished musicians.  I saw that Mr & Mrs Tootlepedal were in the audience so if you click here you should get a more in depth account of the show. 

I'm off on holiday to Thailand next Tuesday for three weeks with my travel companions George and Kenny, spending time in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Phuket. A great adventure and hopefully some good photographs. Depending on the internet connections I'll do my best to post pictures here and on Facebook.


  1. Have a great holiday Sandy. I have visited Bangkok twice for a business conference. Its an interesting city and you should have some great photo opportunities.

    1. Thanks for that Gavin, looking forward to it very much.

  2. A very enjoyable walk and good to see your views of what we saw. Have a great holiday.

  3. I'll do my best to send a couple of guest photos.