Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The Best of Company

In the scheme of things this should've been a sad day as it is six years since I lost my wife Anne, but it was anything but. To keep myself busy I went down to the Social Club to continue painting the cellar door which I had started yesterday. 

I phoned Tootlepedal during lunch to see if he was interested in a stroll later in the afternoon, we arranged to meet after he went for a cycle ride.  I returned to the social club to do a bit tidying up by removing moss that had gathered on the path on the unseen side of the building, this had been annoying me for some time. Now the building is in the hands of the trustees its good to see basic improvements being made in the form of painting etc. On a personal note it would be nice to see more of the 400 plus paid members use the facility as their local as much as attending functions.

I met Tootlepedal as arranged and we drove down to the Green Door, parked and proceded on a short circular walk by Jenny Nobles Gill.

A pleasant start to our stroll.

Our intention was to seek out fungi, we weren't disappointed.

Nice to see the Autumn colours appear but I do lament the passing of summer 

This fungi was in a rather disgusting state of rot.

These contrasting broom pods caught my eye.

Fair warning I suppose.

Is this some dancing tree spirit?

 This is a lovely track to follow.

Sometimes mistakes work!

We returned to the car and I duly deposited Tootlepedal at Wauchope Cottage and headed home for tea. This was a lovely walk with the best of company.


  1. It was a really enjoyable walk and you have taken an excellent set of pictures to illustrate it. Your new camera is brilliant.

    1. Thank you, still some work to do on the camera

  2. Your photos have a very autumnal look to them but are excellent. I love the Jenny Nobles walk. Even your black and white is very effective and I actually prefer it to the colour one in this instance. Great set of photos Sandy.

  3. Thanks Gavin, I feel Autumn is approaching fast this year, hopefully we'll get an abundance of colour.

  4. Good to see your blog return. Photographs excellent, provoking an outbreak of nostalgia in our home.

  5. I'll do my best to be a little more regular.