Thursday, 15 August 2019

A Kick Start

It was my day for filling the feeders at the Moorland Feeder Station and I was tempted to go on my new bike but didn't feel confident enough to tackle the short section of the A7 before the Skipper's bridge so I chickened out and went by car. I did however manage a short ride to Burnfoot bridge. This was into a rather strong headwind but with a  little effort that and the quarry brae wasn't too much of a problem.

I've got friends, George and Linda from Aberdeen coming to stay for a few days, they are originally from around Canonbie and like to attend Canonbie Flower Show every year so it'll be nice to have their company for a few days. Linda has been very successful in the photo section over the last few years so I've made a bit of an effort and submitted 20 entries to hopefully give her and others a bit competition. I'll post my entries soon after the show. The weather hasn't been kind over the last ten days, heavy rain causing a few landslides on a couple of approaches to Langholm, so hopefully the show gets a dry day but the forecast says otherwise.

Burnfoot Bridge......

.......and the view up river.

My family and me at the Common Riding

Granpa and the boys

I received a comment on my last post saying that hopefully my new mode of transport will kick-start my blog which I'm sure it will.