Sunday, 18 August 2019

And The Show Did Go On

It's been a lovely few days having George and Linda stay, especially for the company. Linda went off early Saturday morning to help at the show. George and I went to the Whitshiels Cafe for breakfast and came away well satisfied. 

The weather has been quite atrocious here lately and I'm sure the organisers had doubts in their minds whether the show would go on in it's usual guise but the weather gods were kind on Saturday and allowed the sun to shine intermittently throughout the afternoon. George and I caught the bus to Canonbie early afternoon and watched the parade forming at the Cross Key in preparation to parade to the hall.

When we arrived at the hall was closed to the public as the judging was still going on, but the football pitch was quite busy. Slightly later we were joined by George and Linda's daughter and family who had traveled from Heddon on the Wall for the afternoon and we were also joined by George's brother Colin who traveled from Longtown with his daughter, it was nice to catch up with them all. 

The time came for the village hall to open it's doors and allow the competitors and members of the public in to see the results of their efforts. I wasn't to be disappointed as I shared the trophy for most points in coloured photos with two others, and even more delighted when I discovered one of the others was Toolepedal. 

 These two got me 1st and ......

......2nd in the coloured view class.

These got me 2nd.....

......and 3rd in b&w any other subject.

I also got 2nd prize for b&w photo of bird/animal.

I'm sure it was a successful day for both competitors and organisers who over the year put in a tremendous amount of work to make the show come together. I noticed the flower section entries were lower than usual but this would be  due to the heavy rain we having lately. I really hope these local shows continue for many years to come mainly for the community spirit they generate.

These are the rest of my entries

Coloured photo child

Coloured photo any subject

Four coloured photos of animals etc mounted on board any one subject.

Themed photo,"Shadows"

B&W of view

B&W photo of child or children

B&W photo of bird/animal

In the evening we went to the Eskdale Hotel for a lovely meal then headed home to relax and do some reminiscing before retiring exhausted to bed.


  1. I am amazed that you didn't win more prizes with that set of photos. They look very good to me. I really liked the poppies and the portraits.