Tuesday, 29 September 2020

A Ghostly Road Travelled

 There was a blanket of autumnal mist hanging over the town when I woke this morning, so after breakfast I jumped into the car and headed up to the White Yett to try and get some shots of the mist in the valley. I stopped on the way up to survey the mist and see how it was lying, it had started to disperse but this was no bad thing as it leaned to more interesting photographs. 

When I arrived at the car park at the McDiarmid memorial there was white car already parked which I didn't take much notice of and thought someone was up to take advantage of the morning. As I intended to go for a pedal later and didn't want to put to much exertion on my foot so I had a short walk to the White Yett and  got some hopefully nice shots, they are mixed bag but it was a pleasure to get out and enjoy the morning. 

Just as I got home I received a text from Tootlepedal inviting me for coffee but as he was at the White Yett could I give him time to get home, the white car was his, he had taken a stroll to the Monument, so it'll be interesting to see his photos. We had coffee in the garden which is clinging fiercely to a very colourful pallet before some serious frost comes and does damage. Mrs. Tootlepedal who is rather out of sorts at the moment came out for a short stroll round the garden to see all was in order and we had a little chat. Tootlepedal kindly dug up a couple of buddleia for me that had rooted wildly in the garden. 

A ghostly road ahead

I didn't go by unnoticed

I love a winding wall

The sparkling webs on the grass caught my eye.

The MacDiarmid memorial is always a good subject for a photograph

After a light lunch I set off on the ebike to do a 20 mile circuit down by Canonbie and through Evertown and back via the Bloch. This was to take my mileage to over 100 miles for the month. I didn't take any shots on this trip as I feel as though I have exhausted any photo opportunities for the  time being but I'll take that as a challenge and endeavor to look for something different in future.

As I didn't take any photos on the pedal I'll leave you with some monochrome shots I took this morning on the monochrome setting on the Lumix.


  1. Good pictures. I liked the ghostly road a lot. I am glad that we both had good cycle rides in the afternoon.

  2. Some grand photos Sandy. I never used to like the MacDiarmid Memorial but over the years it has grown on me and now I love it especially as portrayed in your excellent photos.