Saturday, 10 October 2020

A Distant Past

I was undecided to what to do when I got up this morning, foremost on my mind was to get out on my ebike but a lack of enthusiasm put paid to that. But as an alternative I started preparing vegetables for a Bolognese sauce to make later in the day to put in the freezer. The only ingredient I was missing was carrots, so a trip to the local supermarket was in order and at the same time I thought would take the opportunity to have a run to the Hollows to savour the autumn colors.

I parked my car and set of towards Byreburn bridge on what used to be part of the old A7.

I certainly wasn't disappointed with the colours on view

I paused on the Byreburn bridge to get some lichen shots when on closer inspection...... 

........I discovered they were hiding inscriptions from a distant past

 Moving on I thought Byreburnhouse was looking rather grand......

.....whilst the old Engine House was looking rather sad and neglected.

I retraced my steps and walked back to the Hollows Bridge to get some final shots of where in my opinion is the some of the best views of autumn colour in the area

Well satisfied with the shots I got, I set off home and later in the evening set about making the Bolognese sauce to the background sound of jazz guitarist Grant Green which was very relaxing. and lulled me to a pleasant end of the day


  1. Some lovely colour there, Sandy.

    1. Thank you, It was a short but rewarding walk

  2. Some fine shots there Sandy, the river highlights the colours nicely. Would love to see updates as autumn progresses.

  3. I'll certainly try and post updates but I'm thinking things may have peaked by now.