Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Delightful Weekend

Boisterous Boys
Despite the atrocious weather on Saturday it has been quite a delightful weekend, mainly due to a visit from my son Neil and our two grandsons Joe and Sandy on Saturday. They are boisterous boys but are very good at entertaining themselves, especially with dad's old Lego that we still have. After  while they both decided they wanted to play at being plumbers, which was great! we got our washing machine repaired, dish washer re plumbed to a varying degree of expense, ranging from millions of pounds to no cost at all but it was well worth the money. Come 5 o'clock it was time for them to head for home and it was a real struggle to see them go.  

An Annual Event?
 On Sunday afternoon I went down to the Town hall gallery to hang my photos in an exhibition that involves a number of local photographers. After all the photos were hung it was nice to stand back and view a wonderful collection of well presented and varying range of photographs. It would be nice to think this could become an annual event.

A Few Good Friends
Just after we had completed hanging the display I met a good few of my friends from Mencap who had just completed a riverside walk and were enjoying an ice cream at Pelosis so I invited them in to view our exhibition.  They all seemed to enjoy our display but it was a toss up between photos & tourist information leaflets. It was great to see them all, as I have said before they never fail to lift the spirits.

A selection of some of my photos on display.

Butterfly House

Byreburn Canonbie

Byreburn Engine Housy

Hunters Gate


Skippers Brig

Solway Sunset

Tarras Lodge

Hollows Brig


  1. Superb exhibition of photographs in the Town Hall Gallery Sandy. I made it along to the opening this morning and was very impressed. It makes the photos on my blog seem very poor by comparison.

  2. Thanks for your kind comments.

    It's nice to get like minded people together to show off their talents.

  3. It was nice to get your friends into the gallery. I hope they enjoyed the show.